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The WfCommons Project

Enabling Scientific Workflow Mangement Systems Research and Development

The WfCommons project is a framework for enabling scientific workflow research and development by providing foundational tools for analyzing workflow execution instances, generating workflow recipes, and generating synthetic, yet realistic, workflow instances that can be used to develop new techniques, algorithms and systems that can overcome the challenges of efficient and robust execution of ever larger workflows on increasingly complex distributed infrastructures. The figure below shows an overview of the workflow research life cycle process that integrates the components of the WfCommons project:

WfCommons Concept

In order to allow users to easily interact with workflow execution instances and synthetic workflows, the WfCommons project provides a collection of tools released as an open source Python package, in which enables:

  • Analysis of instances of actual workflow executions;
  • Production of recipes structures for creating workflow recipes for workflow generation; and
  • Generation of synthetic realistic workflow instances.

The Python package documentation provides all necessary information on how to install and use the available tools.